Did you know that the smell, color and texture of the raw and unfiltered honey are varies depending on the nectar source (species of flowers), season (temperature and humidity) and places from which the honeybees collecting honey?

Why the “pure honey” you brought from the store tastes, smells and feels the same throughout the year?

Well the “Pure Honey” you buy from big brands are highly processed and ultra filtered to standardize it’s taste, texture and flavor. By doing so, it destroys all the beneficial properties of the Honey and makes it a mere sugar syrup. because The enzymes in the Honey gets destroyed if you heat Honey to more than 45 degrees Celsius and above. The taste and fragrance of the honey been removed by the ultra-filter as the pollen where filtered out from the honey, this is where the pollen gave each jar of honey it’s unique taste.

Our Raw and Unfiltered Honey is extracted direct from the beehives, and the only tools we are using us just a stainless net to filter out any beeswax chunk when cutting our honeycomb, our Raw and Unfiltered Honey are bottled without any process. We maintained all the active ingredients and beneficial enzymes and pollen intact. Start switching to Raw and Unfiltered Honey today to experience the real benefits of consuming honey.

We mainly have three types of Raw and Unfiltered Honey:

Wildflower Honey: This is the honey harvested at two places, one is from the mountain more than 250 meter from sea level with more than 180 acre at Bio-Desaru, Johor, Malaysia. When there is no Durian flower, the bees will harvest nectar from the wild flower all over from the wild flowers. These flowers including some other fruit trees like Nutmeg, Banana, Rambutan, Jackfruit and more than 200 species of wildflower in the area. This honey will have a golden color and more transparent texture. The fragrance will change time to time according to season. Another location is at Johor. This is a pineapple plantation covered more than 10,000 acre. When some area of the pineapple replant, the floor of the plantation will have a lot of wildflower blooming and this will also contribute to our wildflower honey.

Durian Flower Honey: This is the honey harvested yearly July to August, mostly is the time where the Durian flower bloom. Durian flowers will have a almost same to Vanilla fragrance in the first 2 days. But later when it felt to the ground and start to ripe, the smell will change into light Durian smell. After less than 2 weeks, all the Durian flower fallen, the floor of the Durian orchard will turn into white color full of flower.

Pineapple Flower Honey: To plant a pineapple from sprout to a ripe pineapple need 12 months. And pineapple flowers only bloom on the 4th months, and the period of the flower only blooming three weeks. So pineapple honey are so rare and exotic. But how we manage to get so much of pineapple honey supply throughout the year? Because our pineapple plantation will take turn planting pineapple around our apiary and this will make a cycle that weekly we have new pineapple flower blooming and ensure weekly pineapple harvesting for canning export to overseas.

Start consume Raw and Unfiltered Honey from the beekeeper, not the reseller or unknown source of honey.