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All products of our honey are raw and unfiltered. It’s collected by our Apis Melifera bees in our bee farm located in Desaru, Johor, Malaysia. Most important its natural mixture of our honey aromatics is a signature for this honey. All products of our honey natural unprocessed honey will have a different color, essence, and taste due to season changes.

Our honey guarantees raw and unfiltered. Besides all our honey is not the processes honey you can get on the rack of any stores in Malaysia. Please read about our story by click this link. It took 12 months to grow one pineapple. And the pineapple flower bloom on the 4th month. And the flower of the pineapple just lasts for one week. It is amazingly rear found pineapple flower honey in the market. The honey also has an iconic pineapple fragrance in the honey. The goodness and sweetness of the honey simply enhance all your food by adding it.

This honey is good to prepare into the honey drink in the morning or adding some lemon in it for a honey lemon in the afternoon. It also makes a perfect blend in the coffee as a substitute for sugar. The aroma of the pollen will definitely make your coffee another level and taste good too!

Before you sleep, make a cup of honey drink to help to improve your quality of sleep. If you add apple cider to the honey drink, it will improve your liver health too. You will see changes in your body from head to toes.

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