Bee Removal Relocate Service


Call the our specialist instead of Bomba (fireman) to burn and kill the bee. Every effort you save a hive of bees is an effort saving human being. We save every bees on this planet to help preserve the environment. Thank you for helping to resore back our planet earth.


We provide Bee Removal Relocate Service. We not only keep bees for a living. But wee also save more bees than anybody else on this planet. We provide professional Bee Removal Or Relocate Service for you.

Bees play an important role in the planetary ecosystem. If without bees, human said to be live for 4 years. Because bees help to pollinate fruits and vegetables on this planet. Without the pollinator, because there will be 1,000 /1300 fruits and vegetables out from our dining table.

As a result, the animals which depend on the fruits or vegetables will die of hunger. And follow by the animals which depending on the meat of those eating fruits and vegetables. Human will be next in the role.

So stop killing the bees and start call us to provide the Bee Removal Or Relocate Service for you! Normally if you call the fireman, they come with a torch and will burn the bees alive! This is killing the bees and doing no good for the environment. If you too play a role and call us, we remove the bees for you professionally. We will minimized the damage to the hive. Then we will relocate the bees to the nearest forest.

If the bees are suitable to keep in our farm, we will provide a place for the bees as long as the like our bee farm. Be if the bees want to leave. They are free to go. Our bee farm is located in a durian orchard at Balik Pulau, Penang.

We think that saving the bees is important as this is where our food source came from and the pollinator is the key for multiplying our vegetables and fruits.



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