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In this Elite Beekeeping Course for advanced course organized by Steve Honey Bee Farm. Students will get to learn the elite knowledge of Apis Melifera beekeeping. As a result, this Elite Beekeeping Course is a serious investment before you start a bee farm. Suitable for students who would like to be bee experts after completing our advanced beekeeping course. Elite Beekeeping Course for those who would like to start a small-scale bee farm for 100 hives – 200 hives. Or for those who would like to try a real-life, practical beekeeping class. This is an independent course. Transportation is not included in the 10 beehives.

Total 90-Day Hands-on Class in Koref Desaru Leisure Farm- Steve Honey Bee Farm –  (practical):
  • 1 set of basic beekeeping tools included: 1 bee suit, 1 hive tool, hive brush, goat leather gloves, and 1 smoker.
  • You will have a chance to try making 4 hives of Apis Melifera yourself, and let the queen mate inside our farm.
  • These 4 hives started from 6 frames/ hive. And you need to rear it until 16 frames including the super.
  • Then from 4 full hives, you need to split it into a total of 6 hives.
  • 6 hives full and these hives are no disease and sickness, then consider you completed the practical classes. The total value of the 10 hives is RM16,800.
  • You can bring home these 6 hives together with you when you completed the course.
Queen Rearing
  • 1 set of Queen grafting tools was provided.
  • 6 Mini Nucs hive provided.
  • 6 empty beehives and wooden boxes were provided.
  • 18-old honeycomb with 6 queen and worker bees provided.
  • 66 wood frames were provided for learning how to install the wax foundation.
  • 304 Stainless steel wire provided.
  • Wax foundation provided.
Honey Harvesting
  • Hands-on honey harvesting with our gurus.
  • How to manage the honey after harvesting.
  • Storage issue.
Bee Pollen Harvesting
  • Hands-on honey harvesting with our gurus.
  • Bee Pollen Management.

Royal Jelly Making and Harvesting.

  • How to produce the world’s most expensive supplement: Royal Jelly
  • How to manage Royal Jelly to ensure its highest quality.
1. Accommodation:

90 days bee farm stays provided.

2. Material:

We will provide all soft copies, as a result, please bring a pen drive/ HDD with you. End of the class you will have 6 hives successfully bred and reared by you. And you need to arrange transport to carry it back to your home, or your designated bee farm location.

3. Tools:

Beekeeping tools will be provided on the day of the course. We assume you are already a beekeeper yourself, if you have your own tools, please bring them along.

4. Certification:

Students also will be issued TWO certificates. One is a THEORY CERTIFICATE. Another one is on the PRACTICAL CERTIFICATE of Elite Beekeeping Course. Certificates will be printed after the class ended. Fees including for the mailing of the certificate. Please fill up the form with the correct information. The information provided will be used for certificate printing.

5. About the class:

The minimum enrolment of students is 1 student and we will start the class. The venue will be held in Koref Desaru Leisure Farm. Please register yourself. And wait for the date to be updated by your coach.

6. Transport and meal:

The fees are just for the tuition fees and the materials. Fees DO NOT include transportation. End of course, please prepare your own transport to carry back the beehives. Preferable a pickup truck with harness stripes to tie up the beehives on the truck.

7. Medium:

Mandarin, English, or Malay. It’s up to the student’s comfort.

8. Payment:

FULL PAYMENT before class starts.

Elite Beekeeping Syllabus:

  1. Farm Design.
  2. Farm Location Selection.
  3. Pest Control.
  4. What is the main element a bee farm failed?
  5. Advanced Queen Grafting Method.
  6. Mated queen introduction to the new hive.
  7. Swarming Prevention.
  8. How To Prevent A Hive Robbing. (Before the robbing happens)
  9. Robbing Controlling. (After the robbing happens)
  10. Queen losses of Double Queen Hive & Its Prevention.
  11. Double Queen Making.
  12. Double Queen Swarming Prevention.
  13. Season Management: Hot Season & Raining Season.
  14. Product Management For Commercial Beekeeper (100-200 hives).
  15. Honey Harvesting, Management, and Quality Control.
  16. Bee Pollen Harvesting, Management, and Quality Control.
  17. Royal Jelly Harvesting, Management, and Quality Control.
  18. Queen Grafting, Splitting, and Hive Management.
  19. Workers Management.
  20. Store Management.


  1. Double Queen Hive Making. (Practical)
  2. Double Queen Manangement. (Theory)
  3. Sickness and Diseases Management.
  4. Bee Farm Design, Set Up, and Planing.
  5. Beehives Transport and Management.


  1. Lifetime online coaching support.
  2. Free Bee Farm Design Consultancy.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us at info@stevehoney.com


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