Premium Honeycomb/ Capped Honeycomb


Raw and Unfiltered Wildflower Honey.

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We sell Premium honeycomb or capped honeycomb. All the capped honeycomb made naturally by the bees. The honeycomb needs approximately 4 months to complete. And it a piece of natural art to display. The honey stored in the honeycomb needs 2 months to get mature. And the bees will cap it for storage purposes.

This honeycomb is best for your consumption on a hot summer day. It’s also ideal to just eat it with bread too. All our honeycomb is a premium grade with test certificates.

All our pineapple flower honey is raw and unfiltered. Premium Honeycomb collected by our Apis Melifera bees in our bee farm located in Balik Pulau, Penang, Malaysia. Our 2nd apiary located at Simpang Renggam, Johor, Malaysia. Most important it’s the natural mixture of our honey aromatics is a signature for this honey. Natural unprocessed honey will have a different color, essence, and taste due to season changes. Our honey guarantees raw and unfiltered. Besides all our honey is not the processes honey you can get on the rack of any stores in Malaysia. Please read about story click this link. It took 12 months to grow one pineapple. And the pineapple flower bloom on the 4th month. And the flower of the pineapple just lasts for one week. It is amazingly rear found pineapple flower honey in the market. The honey also has an iconic pineapple fragrance in the honey.


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