Services- Beekeeping Courses

1. Material:

We will provide all soft copies, As a result, please bring a pen drive/ HDD with you.

2. Tools:

Beekeeping tools will be provided on the day of the course.

3. Certification:

Students also will be issued one attendance certificate. Certificates will be printed after the class ended. Fees including for the mailing of the certificate. Please fill up the form with the correct information. The information provided will be used for certificate printing.

4. About the class:

The minimum enrolment of students is 5 students and we will start the class. Venue will be held in Pulau Meranti, Puchong.. Please register yourself. And wait for the date to be updated by your coach. Intermediate Beekeeping Course for beginners will be organized four times a year. The date will be in January, February, March, April, and May.

5. Transport and meal:

The fees are just for the tuition fees and the materials. Fees do not include transportation. We will be having lunch at the nearby restaurant. We will arrange for lunch at nearby restaurants.

6. Medium:

Mandarin, English, or Malay. It’s up to the student’s comfort.

7. Payment:

FULL PAYMENT before the class starts.