11Saving Bees at 8 Gurney, Penang

On 5th August, 2019. I received a call from Ms Faridah that there is a swarm of bees on the 18th floor of 8 Gurney Penang, The Shore Condominium, Penang.

I rushed to the location and the guard bring me to the 18th floor. Omg.. how the bees came up here all the way so high? But this bees love high hills or high forest trees in the jungle. Also this type of species are very fierce, I’ve been stung by this bees 38 times before when one operation at Motorola. I tried to spray the bees off the palm tree but seem like the bees getting angry and the result not what I’m expected that they will move to another place. I also suggested the owner using some smoke to smoke the bees off, but today seem like the wind are extremely strong. So I need to recall the rescue.

The next day I did call the house owner and glad that the bees were move out from this penthouse. I guess they know that they had came to the wrong place to build a hive here, I hope they are doing great at new place, good luck bees! TEST