Royal Jelly

We harvest local High 10-HDA Royal Jelly 2.4% in Johor, Malaysia. Inside a pineapple plantation covered 10,000 acres. Our premium High 10-HDA Royal Jelly 2.4% contained We used traditional methods to harvest our High 10-HDA Royal Jelly. Our Royal Jelly is said to be “alive”. Our royal jelly is straight from the queen-cell and no process is added to the royal jelly.

Most of the royal jelly you brought from the market (mostly imported) being extracted. The 10-HDA in the royal jelly are processed to make into capsule or pill. And this will be export overseas for a higher profit margin. The balance of the extracted royal jelly 10-HDA in it will be less than 0.5%. This is what we call: you pay peanut, you get monkey.

Other than pineapple flower honey, we also have durian flower honey and wildflower honey. You can choose from our variety of this 3 selection.

We also produce high-quality Royal Jelly with a lab test certificate.

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