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This 3D2N Advanced Beekeeping Course for the intermediate beekeeper is organized by Steve Honey Bee Farm. Students will get to learn advanced knowledge of Apis Melifera beekeeping. As a result, this is a serious investment before you start a bee farm. Suitable for students who would like to be bee experts after attending our intermediate beekeeping course. Recommended for those who would like to learn to manage a small-scale bee farm with as many as 20-30 hives. We call this backyard beekeeping. Also for those who own a small bee farm but always facing problems and cannot reach another new level.

1. Material:

We will provide all soft copies, As a result, please bring a pen drive/ HDD with you.

2. Tools:

Beekeeping tools will be provided on the day of the course.

3. Certification:

Students also will be issued TWO certificates. Because one is an attendance certificate. Another one is on the practical certificate of Advanced Beekeeping Course. So certificates will be printed after the class ended. Our fees also included the mailing cost for the certificate. Please fill up the form with the correct information. As a result, any wrong printing will not be attended thereafter confirmation of submission of the form.

4. About the class:

The minimum enrolment of students is 4 students. The venue will be held in Pulau Meranti, Puchong. Please register yourself. And wait for the date to be updated by your coach. Advanced Beekeeping Course for beginners will be organized five times a year.

5. Transport, meal, and accommodation:

The fees are just for the tuition fees and the materials. Fees do not include transportation. Because this is a five-day class. We will be having lunch at the nearby restaurant. We will arrange for lunch at nearby restaurants.

6. Medium:

Mandarin, English, or Malay for your own comfort.

7. Payment:

FULL PAYMENT before the class starts.

1. Intermediate Beekeeping Syllabus:
Day 1- Theory + Practical
  1. Warre Hive Building
  2. Frames Installation.
  3. Wire installation.
  4. Wax Foundation Installation.
  5. Grafting Frames Installation.
  6. Making Wax Queen Cell.
  7. Natural Splits Of Hives. (Practical)
  8. Grafting of Queen and Practice.
  9. Grafting Preparation.
  10. Hiv Preparation Before Splitting. (Single Queen)
  11. How To Merge Different Brood From Different Hives.
  12. NUCS Preparation and Precaution.
  13. NUCS Making.
  14. Apidae Nucs System.
  15. When To Add New Frames.


  1. Royal Jelly Frames Making.
  2. Royal Jelly Making.
Day 2 – Part B (practical):
  1. Small bee farm management (20-50 hives).
  2. Location selection.
  3. Water Source testing.
  4. Nectar Source.
  5. Pollen Source.
  6. The Correct Way Of Feeding.
  7. Sugar Ratio Explanation.
  8. Bee Pollen Feeding.
  9. Bee Pollen Preparation.
  10. Double Queen introduction.
  11. Double Queen Preparation.
  12. Double Queen Hive Making.
  13. Queen Rearing marketing and advanced tools introduction.
  14. Advanced Queen Rearing method.
  15. Royal Jelly Making and Harvesting.


  1. Honey Storage and Management.
  2. Empty Honeycomb Management.
  3. Honeycomb (Empty) Pest Control.
  4. Royal Jelly marketing analysis.
  5. Queen Rearing Software Installation and Teaching.

Day 3 – Part C:

  1. Q&A session.
  2. Group photo shooting.
  3. Certificate issuing.
  • 2 hive X 5 frames with 2 mated queen to bring home.
  • 2 New Apidea Box set

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