Basic Beekeeping Course for beginners



This 2D1N Basic Beekeeping Course for beginners is organized by  Steve Honey Bee Farm. Students will get to learn the basic knowledge of Apis Melifera beekeeping. As a result, this Basic Beekeeping Course for beginners is a small investment before you put in a heavy investment. Suitable for students who would like to know more about beekeeping before you start your steps.

1. Material:

Students will have a softcopy of the book. Please bring a pen drive/ HDD with you.

2. Tools:

Beekeeping tools will be provided on the day of the demonstration.

3. Certification:

Fees including for the mailing of the Attendance Certificates. Please fill up the form with the correct information because the information provided will be used for certificate printing. As a result, any wrong printing will not be attended thereafter confirmation of submission of the form.

4. About the class:

The minimum enrolment of students is 10 students and we will start the class. The venue will be held in Koref Desaru Leisure Farm. Please register yourself and wait for the date to be updated by your coach.

5. Transport and meal:

The fees are just for the tuition fees and the materials. Fees do not include transportation. Because this is a one-day class. We will be having lunch at the nearby restaurant. We will arrange for lunch at nearby restaurants.

6. Medium:

Mandarin, English, or Malay. It’s up to the student’s comfort.

8. Payment:

FULL PAYMENT before the class starts.

1. Day 1 – Part A
Basic Beekeeping Syllabus:
  1. Beekeeping Introduction.
  2. Bee Biology.
  3. Tools for Beekeeping.
  4. How to start your beekeeping project.
  5. Colony Management.
  6. Food Source Management for bees.
  7. Product Management
  8. Pest Control for Beekeeping.
  9. Introduction of Queen Rearing.
  10. Introduction of other bee products including Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly.


  1. Beehive Relocation Demonstration.
  2. Bee Trap Set Up.
  3. How To Differentiate Pure and Synthetic Honey.

Day 2 – Part B

  1. Q&A session.
  2. Group photo shooting.
  3. Certificate issuing.

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