Premium High 10-HDA Royal Jelly 2.4%


All our Premium Royal Jelly are harvested from Simpang Renggam Johor apiary. Our Premium Royal Jelly guarantee has a 2.8% 10-hydroxy-2-decanoic acid (10-HDA) or above. The honey shown in this picture not included, it’s shown the size comparison for the Premium Royal Jelly.

“If you want pure honey unless you know the beekeeper!”

Weight:  100gm ±10gm
Packing: polyfoam and paper box
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We harvest local High 10-HDA Royal Jelly 2.4% in Johor, Malaysia. Inside a pineapple plantation covered 10,000 acres. Our premium High Royal Jelly contained 2.4% 10-HDA. As a result, we only used traditional methods to harvest our High 10-HDA Royal Jelly. Our Royal Jelly is said to be “alive”. Because our royal jelly is straight from the queen-cell and no process is added to the royal jelly.


Royal jelly is widely marketed as a dietary supplement. Because It is an alternative medicine that falls under the category of apitherapy. Both the European Food Safety Authority and the United States Food and Drug Administration have concluded that the current evidence does not support the claim of health benefits, and have actively discouraged the sale and consumption of the jelly. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration has taken legal action against companies that have used unfounded claims of health benefits to market royal jelly products.

Why our royal jelly?

Why you should choose our royal jelly instead of others. Because most of the royal jelly you brought from the market (mostly imported) being extracted. The 10-HDA in the royal jelly are processed to make into capsule or pill. And this will be export overseas for a higher profit margin. Because the normal royal jelly after extracted, 10-HDA in it will be less than 0.5%. This is what we call: you pay peanut, you get monkey.

Our high-quality Royal Jelly with a lab test certificate.  As a result, your royal jelly is ensured with quality. Our royal jelly is genuine and premium from the queen cell, not extracted.

Our client can even arrange with us to go to our farm to see the harvest of the royal jelly. You can even try to harvest yourself if you want to.

Our royal jelly packed with ice pack to preserve the freshness of our product.

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